2015 Conference Handouts:

Foster Parents Bill of Rights

Prospective adoptive parent(s) informational sheet for the adoption assistance rate redermination-FINAL process

Adoption Subsidy Navigating the Payment Process – NEW!

Caring for a child is one of the most important things a person can do. Caring for a child who is not your own, requires a special kind of dedication. There are many children in the state of Michigan who are removed from the homes of their biological parents due to neglect, or abuse. Families who open their homes and hearts to these children are committed to improving their lives and their futures.

We at MAFAK Parents faithfully support and encourage these families in both good times and the difficult moments. We are a voice for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents and proudly represent them across Michigan.

We at Mafak think that our parents need a Bill of Rights. We are posting it on our site so you can read it and discuss and improve it. We want a system that produces happy, healthy children in happy, healthy families.